Seat map Boeing 737-800 “Jet2Com”. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Boeing 737-800 “Jet2Com”. Best seats in the plane

Boeing 737-800 operated by Jet2Com offers 189 economy class seats.

Seat map of the Boeing 737-800 (738)

The seats on the airplane have 30 inches pitch and 17 inches width.

This airplane has 32 rows of seats: 31 rows have 3-3 configuration and the 1st row consists just of 3 seats.

Thanks to the extra legroom passengers of the seats 1ABC and 2DEF will feel comfortable. Among disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, reduced width because the tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable and noise from the galleys and lavatory located in front.

The only disadvantage of the seat 2C is close location of the lavatory and galleys.

Missing windows make the seats 11A and 11F bad seats.

Due to the exit row located behind the seats of the 15th row are less reclining than standard.

Location of the seats of the 16th row between 2 exit rows on the one hand offers additional legroom to passengers but on the other hand these seats have limited recline. Among other disadvantages: reduced width and no floor storage during take-off and landing.

Passengers of the seats of the 17th row will feel comfortable thanks to additional space for their legs. At the same time these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing and have quite reduced seat width because tray tables are located in the armrests making them immovable. These seats are considered the best seats on the airplane.

Because of limited recline and noise from the lavatories located behind seats of the last 33rd row are considered bad seats.

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