Seat map Boeing 787-9 “British Airways”. Best seats in the plane

Seat map Boeing 787-9 “British Airways”. Best seats in the plane

Boeing 787-9 operated by British Airlines includes 216 seats located in 4 classes.

Seat map of the Boeing 787-9 (789)


First class has 4 open suites located in 2 rows per 4 in each.

Club World class includes 42 flat bed seats located in 6 rows per 7 seats in each. These seats are divided into 2 sections. The first section has two rows of seats. The only disadvantage of the seats 7BDFJ is close location of the lavatory and galleys.

The second section has 4 rows of seats. All of them are standard. Only proximity of the lavatories and galleys may represent a problem for passengers of the seats 10 BDFJ.

World Traveller Plus class includes 39 standard seats. Close location of the seats of 21st row to the lavatories may be bothersome.

Economy class may transport 127 passengers. Most of the seats in Economy class have 3-3-3 configuration. Passengers of these seats will take advantage of extra legroom as emergency exit is located in front. However, proximity of the lavatories may cause inconvenience. Also there is no floor storage for these seats during takeoff and landing.

The seats 41A and 41K have no windows.

The seats in the last rows, i.e. 43AB, 43HJ and 44DEF are considered bad seats as they may have limited recline are located close to the lavatories and galleys.

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