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Hawaiian Airlines is the biggest airline company on Hawaiian Islands that also is in top ten of the biggest airline companies of USA. Port of registration and headquarters are located in Honolulu airport (the capital of state of Hawaii).

Additional hub from which regular flights are made is airport on Maui island.

Route network of Hawaiian carrier counts 28 destinations, direct flights are made in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, on continent part of USA and between Hawaiian Islands. It is interesting but Hawaiian Airlines is the only among the oldest airline companies of USA (founded in 1929) that hasn’t lost any aircraft during entire history of existence.

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“Hawaiian’s” airfleet

As of September 8, 2018 "Hawaiian Airlines" operates a mainline fleet of 51 airplane, 1 more are ordered. The average age of planes is 11.1 year.

The oldest aircraft is Boeing 767-300, with reg.number N594HA. It is 31.0 years old. The newest one is Airbus A330-200, with reg.number N360HA. It is - 1.3 years old

Photos and seat maps

Airbus A330-200 – 24 aircrafts
Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-243
  • Youngest – N360HA - 1.3 years
  • Oldest – N380HA - 7.5 years

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Airbus A330-200 +

Boeing 717-200 – 20 aircrafts
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200
  • Youngest – N495HA - 12.4 years
  • Oldest – N488HA - 18.9 years

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Boeing 717-200 +

Boeing 767-300 – 8 aircrafts
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300
  • Youngest – N592HA - 14.6 years
  • Oldest – N594HA - 31.0 years

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Boeing 767-300 +

Official website – www.hawaiianair.com