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Aviation News
Camera on the board of American airplane has registered unique scenes – the board that flew through dark clouds has reached the center of Florence...
American Aviation Company Boeing won tender on elaboration carrier-based unmanned aerial vehicle – fuel tanker MQ-25 Stingray. As Defense News informs...
Stratospheric glider Perlan 2 that is being elaborated by division of Airbus concern has set flight altitude record during test flight. It is said in...
Japan government created flying cars' development group which entered representatives of different companies including Uber, Boeing and Airbus. As...

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For the first and hope last time I had a journey with Lufthansa to Bologna. Connection was minimal, 40 minutes in Munich. First flight was 15 minutes late despite steward's assurance that we will arrive in time. It's a pity that passengers of other "urgent" flights - to Vancouver, Zurich and...
Airlines employee
Have flown spring from Milano to Paris and back. For a low cost company everything is excellent. Don't understand people who boil over the baggage, food and the key point VISA CHECKING. Cause they have bought tickets for 20 euro. I liked automation, for example lack of registration itself and...
Hugo Henry
Flight from Berlin to London and back. I liked absolutely everything during both flights. Now I don't consider Lufthansa so impeccable ) pilots of BA are just stunning, leather seats in economy class are cozy not hard as in Lufthansa's planes. Excellent Heathrow airport with perfectly planned...
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Airplane flew through the eye of storm

Airplane flew through the eye of storm

Camera on the board of American airplane has registered unique scenes – the board that flew through dark clouds has reached the center of Florence storm. The video was taken on the board of hurricane hunter aerospace engineer Nick Underwood who wrote in social media: “This is probably the coolest thing I’ve filmed”. Hurricane hunters are US airplanes that fly inside tropic cyclone for getting…

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Our project is designed to help passengers of any airlines. It does not matter where and what airplane you choose to fly!

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Find out more information about the fleet, aircraft and flights of the most popular airlines.

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We shall tell you how to pass check-in at the airport, to pack your baggage properly, what classes are there in the airliners and how to choose the best seats in the plane.

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Using airplane designs we shall show you those seats where it will be comfortable for you to sit during the flight and point to those seats that shouldn’t be taken.

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