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Aviation News
Modern aviation faces various problems from economical to ecological. Which solutions will help the branch? One of the variants is optimization of the...
Aviation group of companies Airbus will launch light version of their airplane for oversize cargo. Modification will allow company avoiding...
American Company General Electric conducts final tests of the perspective turbofan jets GE9X that is considered the biggest in the world writes...
The longest flight in the world was resumed by Singapore Airline Company. From September 11 their airplanes began to fly between Singapore and New...

Recent reviews
Have made a journey lately Warsaw-Bologna and Milano-Warsaw, can only leave a positive feedback. Hand-luggage wasn't measured and weighted by anyone. Have departed in time, take-off and entire flight were perfect, the only thing - landings. they were not quite smoothly, have been nervous a little...
For the first and hope last time I had a journey with Lufthansa to Bologna. Connection was minimal, 40 minutes in Munich. First flight was 15 minutes late despite steward's assurance that we will arrive in time. It's a pity that passengers of other "urgent" flights - to Vancouver, Zurich and...
Airlines employee
Have flown spring from Milano to Paris and back. For a low cost company everything is excellent. Don't understand people who boil over the baggage, food and the key point VISA CHECKING. Cause they have bought tickets for 20 euro. I liked automation, for example lack of registration itself and...

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