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Aviation News
It got new owner. This summer it got about that Company Stratolaunch Systems will be sold for 400 million USD. To be more exact such amount...
Passenger airplane of the Airline Company Air Canada made emergency landing because of overpowering stench on the board, informs The...
Nevertheless, Dennis A. Muilenburg will keep the posts of CEO and company president. The head of the Boeing Corporation Dennis A. Muilenburg in the...
At present moment Delta possesses 9,2% share in Korean company Korean Air. Besides, American carrier increased share in the biggest Mexican Airline...

Recent reviews
I live in Portland, State of Maine. During three years (!) I haven’t managed to take off in time with this company never yet. Not me not those who came to me to Portland with this airlines. There are permanent delays on the route New York – Portland. Last time my daughter with grandson has spent in...
Travelled with Ryanair several times, if anyone had problems only because they had to read conditions. It is very convenient that they have quite big hand-luggage I have flown with it for 7 days and have paid nothing additional. Registration was through Internet, boarding pass was printed...
Flown on March 20th 2018 Rome-Amsterdam. The flight was delayed for 20 minutes but we arrived in time. Online registration didn't work and has to come to the airport earlier. The aircraft was in perfect condition, flight stewards are polite, stewardesses are pretty. Charming CPT, often commented...

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