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Airline Company Emirates is one of the biggest air carriers in the world. Airport of registration – Dubai International Airport.

Emirates is a an outstanding company that has a lot of awards, achievements and medal places in various ratings. For example this company takes first place in the world in number of international flights. Also this company has the biggest and “younger” long-range passenger fleet.

The company differs with the highest quality of passenger service and the most innovative audio/video entertainment systems on board.

In 2016 Emirates was declared the best airline company in the world according to SKYTRAX version.

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Company ratings and achievements

4-Star-Airline_150 4-STAR airline by SKYTRAX, represents good quality of services.
SKYTRAX is a United Kingdom-based consultancy, which runs in 1999 the leading international Airline Rating system classifying airlines by the Quality of front-line product and staff service standards.
"Emirates" takes 4 place in "AIRLINE SAFETY RATING 2019" by JACDEC.
Jacdec (from 1989) has become a global source for professional and accurate aviation safety information for the benefit of companies, aviation professionals and individual travellers.
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Social activity of Emirates

Emirates actively sponsor sport events and teams in various sports: football, rugby, tennis, motorsport, sailing matches, golf and other.

The company has own charity fund that helps children in need.

Emirates do not forget about ecology of our planet as well.

It is clear that it is impossible to get rid of carbon dioxide emissions from airplanes but strategy of the airline company implies use of the most innovative equipment and various systems of fuel economy and emissions optimization.

Also the air carrier develops several huge nature reserves – in Dubai and Sydney and also eco-tourism.

Route network of the company

For the moment route network of Emirates includes more than 130 destinations all over the world. Each month from Dubai airport depart more than 6000 flights on all continents of our planet. Geography of flights is increasing constantly.

“Emirates” airplanes

As mentioned above passenger fleet of Emirates is one of the youngest in the world.

As of January 8, 2024 "Emirates" operates a mainline fleet of 273 airplanes, 8 more are ordered. The average age of planes is 6.1 year.

The oldest aircraft is Boeing 777-300, with reg.number A6-EMX. It is 15.6 years old. The newest one is Boeing 777-300, with reg.number A6-EQP. It is - 0.2 years old

Aircraft fleet of the company consists just of modern long-haul airplanes.

Emirates is notable with several biggest airplanes’ acquisitions for entire history of passenger carrying operations.

2001 – acquisition of 58 airplanes Boeing and Airbus for 15 billion USD.

2005 – the biggest acquisition of the airplanes of Boeing 777 type in amount of 10 billion USD.

2007 – order without precedent in the history of civil aeronautics for 120 Airbuses A350, 11 Airbus A380 and 12 Boeing 777-300ER with total amount of about 35 billion USD.

2010 – order for 32 Airbus A380 and 30 Boeing 777-300ER. Total amount of these orders has made 13.4 billion USD.

So Emirates is the biggest operator not only of the biggest passenger airplanes in the world Airbus A380 but also of Boeing 777.

Total cost of the Emirates’ airplanes is about 100 billion USD.

Resuming we can confirm for sure that Emirates may serve as a model for all airline companies of the world.

Air fleet “Emirates”. Photos, seat maps and description of the planes

Airbus A319 – 1 aircraft

Airbus A319-100 Emirates

This is airplane of VIP configuration. It is used for private and governmental fights.

  • The newest one – A6-CJE - 7.4 years
  • The oldest aircraft – A6-CJE - 7.4 years

See more about the age of each aircraft:

Airbus A319-100 +
Airbus A380-800 – 117 aircrafts

Airbus A380-800 Emirates

  • The newest one – N/A
  • The oldest aircraft – A6-EDF - 12.9 years

See more about the age of each aircraft:

Airbus A380-800 +
Boeing 777-200 – 10 aircrafts

Boeing 777-200 Emirates

10 of these airplanes have Cargo configuration and are used as freight transport.

  • The newest one – A6-EWJ - 9.8 years
  • The oldest aircraft – A6-EWA - 11.4 years

See more about the age of each aircraft:

Boeing 777-200 +
Boeing 777-300 – 140 aircrafts

Boeing 777-300 Emirates

  • The newest one – A6-EQP - 0.2 years
  • The oldest aircraft – A6-EMX - 15.6 years

See more about the age of each aircraft:

Boeing 777-300 +


Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-200 Emirates

Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300 Emirates

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400 Emirates

Both airplanes have cargo configuration and are used as freight transport.

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